Consumer Emotion: The Best of Marketing

We are a team that lives and breathes marketing every day and along the way, we can’t help but notice those really stellar marketing campaigns. Here’s our take on one such campaign and how you can leverage this idea for your own marketing in 2013…

From Andrew Glennie, Project Manager at The Partner Marketing Group…

Being from the Motor City, I have seen my fair share of new car promotions, but Ford Motor Company recently outdid themselves. Their commercial for 2013’s Ford Mustang morphed between different customized versions, mirroring the person that is looking at the car with a slight twist at the end.

I think this tactic worked because you can tell the mustang is the star but other than the music, there isn’t any narration until the very end when they deliver the tagline “Everyone has an inner Mustang, Unleash yours.” Then it fades in a splash screen at the end with the Ford oval and says “The New 2013 Mustang”. They let the product history stand for itself and aren’t trying to cram anything into the thirty seconds of air time other than consumer emotion.  They’ve also effectively framed an easy and clear call to action, giving you a way to get there with an easy to remember phrase rather than a complicated web address.

For you to take this approach, you should consider what your company’s strengths are. While not every business has a “Mustang”, people in your industry should know you for something and you need to capitalize on that. If you put easy to find, good content on your website, you will be able to leverage a simpler more memorable message that will resonate with your audience more.

Stay tuned for more ‘best of marketing’ ideas in the coming weeks from other TPMG team members!

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