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By Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

The Partner Marketing Group team lives and breathes marketing every day and along the way, we can’t help but notice those really stellar marketing campaigns. Here’s our take on yet another campaign and how you can leverage this idea for your own marketing in 2013

I recently received a small handout in the mail that fit inside a standard envelope. It had an overview on one side of the card and a mini infographic on the other side. Its purpose was to show the purpose of this organization and how your donation can really make a difference in the community.

We all receive items in the mail that we would dub as “junk mail”, but this piece caught my attention. It was brief and to the point, presented in a creative fashion, and told me quickly how I could make a difference through numbers. While both sides of the piece were eye catching, the infographic side pulled everything quickly together which meant the difference of my attention or throwing it out.

You have all heard it before: you need to make an impression with your marketing. Infographics can help you do just that. While you might think of just using infographics online or that when printed they have to be large, you can actually scale down great information your company already has and use it in something much smaller. You can make a big impact with a small handout that you can use at a tradeshow, for mailings, in press packets, as a leave behind with a prospect, in a blog, or on your website. The possibilities are infinite in the ways you can use a creative piece like this, and your company might just leave the lasting impression it takes to keep prospects knocking on your door.

Stay tuned for more ‘best of marketing’ ideas in the coming weeks from other TPMG team members!

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