A Software Marketer’s Guide: Using Publisher Content

Are you a software marketer with a publisher who provided you with marketing content? If so, that is fantastic! But, now what? Which content should you use? What is the best way to use it? What content should you avoid using? Will you get penalized for duplicate content? If you have more questions than answers, read below – this article will help will help you navigate these questions.

Struggling to continuously create original B2B messaging is a common issue amongst technology marketers and software marketers. Taking advantage of content provided by your publisher can be a valuable addition to your content strategy, but sorting through different content for every channel is overwhelming.

So where do you start? This is such a common challenge for our software partner and reseller clients that we wrote a whole eBook about it with pros/cons of 13 types of content from webinars and blogs to videos, case studies, and more. You’ll also get tips, best practices, and recommendations from our marketing experts along the way.

Software Marketer's Guide to Publisher Content

The Software Marketer’s Guide to Maximizing Publisher Content

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As tempting as it is to fuel your content engine with a bunch of publisher-provided materials, you must ensure each piece is of value to your audience. Before using any publisher content, try asking yourself as a software marketer a few key questions:

  • Does this support our messaging?
  • How does this help our prospects and customers?
  • Will this demonstrate our expertise on a topic?
  • Can this differentiate us from competitors?

Your answers will help you narrow down which pieces will benefit both you and your target market. Use a critical eye when reviewing these materials to ensure they never outshine the value you bring to a customer. Make sure you publish content that:

  • Meets your organizational goals
  • Establishes your business as a thought leader
  • Educates your audience about important topics
  • Engages readers with your products and services
  • Builds on your own expertise

The eBook is fantastic resource to keep on hand to determine how, when, and where to work publisher content into your strategy. If you still have more questions than answers, then The Partner Marketing Group is here to help.

With decades of collective experience, we can help you generate a sensible marketing plan with the perfect combination of original and publisher created content. Also be sure to check out our expansive technology marketing resource portal to learn more.

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