ISVs, Who is Your Marketing Content For?ISV Marketing

By Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group

Are you working on ISV marketing? Do you know how your content is targeted too? As ISVs you produce content for end users and resellers, but how you execute can make all the difference. And, there is no doubt that content marketing is the most effective way to market to your prospects today.

Make Your ISV Marketing Content Readily Accessible

Make the content you provide readily available to prospects who visit your website but also ensure that you provide it to all the resellers you work with. By making it readily accessible you have a better chance of your prospects finding it and your resellers reusing it. Provide access to your materials via a partner portal so they can self-serve or publish a quarterly newsletter advising your resellers of your latest offerings.

Co-Branding Your ISV Marketing Content

Many resellers will readily consume ISV content but would like to have it co-branded. Either provide them with a piece that is easy to co-brand, such as creating a spot for them to insert their logo, or better yet, offer to do it for them. This allows you to have a more in-depth discussion with your reseller on how you can provide additional marketing value to them and implement a more regular marketing cadence.

The Whole Enchilada of Content

I have to call this group out – many of you know them. Avalara is doing a great job of packaging up their marketing materials into campaigns that partners can execute on. There’s a reason why all the resellers I work with in the Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Intacct world are very familiar with them. They committed for the long-term (and we all love to stop by their Tiki bar at all the events we go to).

At Microsoft we learned years ago that if you make your content readily available and easy to use you almost automatically get scale and extended marketing. Don’t keep your marketing behind closed doors. Be loud, be noisy, be visible and you’ll get noticed. After all, isn’t that what you want as an ISV?

Our ebook, the Year of Content provides valuable advice to both ISVs and resellers and will ensure your high tech marketing campaign gets noticed. In addition, we also have an article 5 Easy Concepts for ISV Marketing that can help to inspire your marketing initiatives.

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