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By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group


It’s all about ME

Not so Despicable ME

Dear B2B Technology Marketers:

Hi there! I’m your prospect. I’m guessing you may not know a lot about me because when I went to your website I found an awful lot of content about YOU and almost nothing about the challenges in my business. I am struggling with not having visibility into my cash flow but your site didn’t talk about that and there were all sorts of buzzwords and acronyms I don’t understand and it made me feel stupid as I am not a technology marketer.

I did eventually find what I needed (on your competitor’s site), but nice prospect that I am – I thought I’d share a few tips about how you can keep me on your website in the future.

  1. Learn all about ME.  Buyer Personas are NOT a buzzword.  Apparently the other partner did their homework because they used words that I use every day and talked about my challenges the same way I do.
  2. Give me something I need! Now that you know who I am and what I need, start writing content for ME! Ignore the people in your company telling you what I need to hear (they’re your consultants, right?). If the buyer persona isn’t telling you enough of what you need, then call ME (or a customer like me).
  3. Talk to ME. That’s ME – the person. Not the search engine. Talk conversationally, clearly and in short sentences (I’m busy). It’s your job to make it easy for me to digest the info. Am I in IT? Then feel free to add lots of technical reasons why I would want your widget.
  4. Avoid buzzwords, platitudes and the obvious. Today’s business environment can be tough, placing additional burdens on manufacturers. I saw that sentence on at least 5 sites – but with a different industry on the end of the sentence. Doesn’t really tell me you know anything about my business.
  5. A final tip – don’t let me forget about you. I visited your site early on when I was just starting to research what I might be able to do about my cash flow visibility issues. Then I got distracted by my 7 other problems. But my reporting problem is growing and I forgot who you are. That other company sent me a few eBooks about cash flow though and I saved them (and gave them a call).

That’s it technology marketers. Hope it was helpful.


Your Prospect

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