Networking for Small Businesses

By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

We all love to talk about the business we own or are “invested in”. (If not, don’t read any further.) Given the opportunity, we usually gladly talk about what we do, who are customers are, and what we sell. In today’s Small Business Tip of the Day from Manta, they describe some “Unconventional Networking for Small Businesses”.

Unconventional Networking Tips

Networking Tips Include:

  1. Use your waiting time to strike up a conversation, whether it’s in the line at the DMV or the bank. You might find it to be an ideal place to exchange ideas with someone about your business.
  2. Get extra bang for your (networking) buck by aiming high. Look for opportunities to engage decision makers and influencers in your community. It could be at a charity event, business community events (Chamber of Commerce, SBA), or events supporting the arts and music.
  3. Actively participate in social media. It’s great to subscribe to LinkedIn groups and “like” Facebook pages, but contributing content of value gets your voice out there.
  4. Participate in community events such as neighborhood board meetings and your children’s school events. Social media is fine but it doesn’t always take the place of face-to-face interaction.

Put These Tips to Use

All good tips from the authors at Manta, but the most important thing to remember is “it’s not all about you”. Describe your business in terms of the benefits your customers receive, not the products you sell. Tell someone how your business helps customers “save time”, “save money”, “get healthier”, “streamline their inventory” or whatever the end result is. Structure your elevator pitch as a benefit to the listener rather than a litany of everything you sell.

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