About 78% of technology marketers surveyed for our 2022 Technology Marketing Benchmarks & Trends Report use outsource marketing. That is a whopping 26% increase from our 2021 report!

Perhaps the reason for such a jump in one year was related to the pandemic making digital marketing content more important than ever. Or, maybe it’s because marketers today are expected to wear so many hats there simply isn’t enough time to do it all. Probably a bit of both.

In every report we have published since 2014, marketers consistently state lack of time and resources as their biggest challenges to creating original content. Of course outsource marketing isn’t limited to content, but it is one of the most commonly outsourced marketing areas.

Whether you’re considering outsourcing some of your marketing for the first time or want to strengthen the relationship with your current marketing partner, here are some 7 tips to successfully use outsource marketing in a productive, trusted partnership.

#1 | Find a partner with expertise in your industry.

Outsourcing is supposed to save you time so a generic marketing partner may require a substantial amount of education and hand-holding. Find a partner who already understands how to convey the business value of your solutions, services, and culture to your target audiences. For example, The Partner Marketing Group is solely dedicated to the software and technology channel so we can hit the ground running on day one for our clients.

#2 | Set realistic expectations when outsource marketing.

If you haven’t been marketing regularly to targeted groups or lists, results take time. It can take months to build foundational elements and put your strategic marketing plan in place, so stay engaged and accountable, but be realistic.

#3 | Don’t rush the discovery process.

Most marketing partners start with discovery about your challenges and your goals. Chances are, you do the same for your clients before they purchase your solutions. How else would you know what they need? Marketing is no different. The more details you share and the more honest you are, the better the outcome.

#4 | Share comprehensive (and consolidated) feedback.

Ensure any feedback you provide comes from all project stakeholders shared as one edit round. Providing multiple sources’ feedback separately can delay the revision process and lead to longer wait times and additional charges. It’s typically a good idea to limit your review process to a few of your subject matter experts or edits can get out of hand quickly. Articulate precisely what you like and dislike so your partner learns your preferences.

#5 | Share timely feedback.

If you receive a due date for feedback, meet the deadline to the best of your ability. A set date allows your marketing partner to schedule time with their resources and, if you miss the date, they cannot guarantee quick turnaround on deliveries and changes.

#6 | Be flexible.

Your marketing partner should want you to be successful! This means they may suggest additional recommendations or changes along the way as they learn more about your business. You’ve hired them for their expertise so keep an open mind to fresh ideas.

#7 | Maximize your investment.

Work with a marketing partner who will help you extend the reach and life of your content. For example, if you paid for a great eBook, work with your partner to come up with a plan to maximize your ROI for that piece in lots of ways.

Questions about outsource marketing?

How does it work? How much does it cost? While we have created several comprehensive and bundled programs to make things super easy for our clients, we begin every project and engagement with a personal conversation. Reach out any time to chat so we can answer all your questions, provide recommendations, and discuss pricing.

We hope you will explore all the marketing services and solutions we offer for the software and technology channel on our site and head over to our Marketing Resources page for helpful eBooks, articles, videos, and more!

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