content word in letterpress typeIn the last couple of blog posts we’ve covered content creation by utilizing blogs, content from a publisher (Microsoft, Sage, Intacct, etc.), existing customer stories, and case studies. We’re definitely not out of ideas at this point and to highlight that, I searched on ‘content creation’ and came across this infographic, 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content. Although it was created in 2012, it is still very relevant and drives home the point that there are many ways that you can create your marketing content.

The Webinar

Those of you who have worked for me will know that I speak with an accent. And some of you have taken advantage of that. I was recently invited by a client of mine to participate in a webinar where we delivered the content as an interview session. We had a handful of slides (less than 8). I interviewed Chris, who was the subject matter expert, and we kept it informal as though we were sitting in a room together vs. on opposite coasts. We recorded the webinar and my client will now use it to educate their prospects about their solution. With webinars make sure you keep them short or break them up into logical snippets so you can reuse them easily.

The Podcast

The podcast is an interesting medium to use to convey your message. With the hours that many of us spend commuting to work or sales calls you have access to a captive audience! ISV organizations could use this medium to push out technical information to implementers and drive down costs associated with support centers.

Keep the infographic or the Year of Content handy for those days when you’re stuck for ideas and you just need a jump start.

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